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Patrick Derksen

principal investigator

As a Professor of Experimental and Preclinical Oncology I am fascinated how loss of cell adhesion triggers cancer progression.
Outside the lab I love culinary extravaganza’s and fast motor cycles.

Thijs Koorman

assistant professor

I am an Assistant Professor studying oncogenic receptors in breast cancer, and probe their susceptibility for cellular immunotherapy.
Outside the lab I enjoy American sports, traveling and long hikes.

Lotte Enserink

Research technician

As a research technician I work on loss of adhesion and cancer metastasis. For this I’m working with in vitro and in vivo models. Outside the lab I like to cook and bake and try out new recipes but also going out for dinner.

Peter Haughton

PhD student

I am interested in cell-ECM interactions and how they control Head & Neck cancer progression in a project sponsored by KWF.  I am PhD student and a keen hockey player, enjoy cinema going and exploring the world.

Thijmen Sijnesael

phd student

I focus on the pathways that drive Lobular Breast cancer progression. Sponsored by Breast Cancer Now, I develop targeted interventions using mouse models of Lobular Breast Cancer. Besides science I enjoy watching and playing football.

Max Rätze

phd student

My work is centred around finding new tumor suppressors for ILC development and delineating how Kaiso controls transcriptional activity in cancer.
Who needs a hobby when you’re doing science?

Annemiek Elbertse

management assistant

Working as a managing assistant at the UMC Utrecht Pathology Department , I assist Patrick with day-to-day admin, and support the Biomedical Sciences Bachelor’s course ‘Clinical Oncology’ organised by Patrick and Thijs.

Dewy van Lexmond

BSc student

Dewy is doing an internship from the Avans Hogeschool in Breda. She is supervised by Lotte and working on preclinical options to inhibit the non-receptor tyrosine kinase FER in high epithelial breast and head & neck cancers

Open position

MSC student


Eline ter Steege
Project Manager R&D
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Sandra de Oliveira Tavares
Principal Investigator
Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology of the University of Porto (Ipatimub) 

Karin Jansen
Strategy Analyst
Info Support International Group

Milou Tenhagen
Senior Analyst
Zilveren Kruis Achmea

Robert van de Ven
Senior Scientist
Cyteir Therapeutics
Cambridge, MA, USA

Jolien de Groot
Clinical Assessor
College Beoordeling Geneesmiddelen

Iordanka Ivanova
Scientific Evaluator, Therapeutic Products Directorate
Health Canada | Santé Canada

Çigdem Ercan
Regulatory Affairs Associate Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics

Eva Vlug
ICT Consultant at WinVision

Ron Schackmann
Senior Scientist

FORMER Labmembers:

Wisse Haakma
PhD Student
Dartmouth College

Daan Visser
Research Technician
UMC Utrecht – Maurice lab

Elvira Bakker

Sridevi Jaksani

Loes Doornbos
Research Associate
Scenic Biotech, Utrecht

Lilian SLuimer
PhD student Cell Biology
Akhmanova lab, Utrecht University

Miranda van Amersfoort
Clinical Research Associate
AMC Amsterdam

Amar Devit
Manager Market Research
Data Analytics, Amsterdam

Annelieke Jaspers
Research Technician
VUMC, Amsterdam

Rhandy Eman
Customer Engagement Effectiveness Manager, Novartis NL

FORMER Undergraduates:

Annick Nouwens
Garik Galustjan
Judith oude Nijhuis 
Lester Lardenoije
Mark de Korte
Lisa Sackmann
Mara Bouwman
Christa Rohof
Nikki Kolsters
Celine Overbeeke
Kirsten Veldmaat
Gabriele Sakalauskaite
Manuel Saornil
Lilian Sluimer
Madita Reimer
Tanja Eisemann
Max Rätze
Sander Boogaard
Jos Koopman
Audrey Sporrij
Maria Boumpoutsari
Tamara Kubbenga
Suzanne Stelloo
Gerdien van den Heuvel
Francisca Peixoto
Mijanou Niklaas
Maartje Pustjens
Judith Haarhuis