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News and Published data



After an initial quick conception it took a while, but here it is! Collective breast cancer invasion hinges on YAP-centered mechanotransduction cues. Published in NATURE COMMS. A wonderful collaboration with the De Rooij and Khalil labs.
(June 2024)


The ELBCC Pathology working group published a landmark paper in MODERN PATHOLOGY to correctly perform the differential diagnoses of lobular v ductal breast (NST) cancers. Check out the ELBCC website for a pdf version pf the paper and the SOP.
(May 2024)


Peter’s first paper is out in ORAL ONCOLOGY REPORTS. Here we show that a keratin-based invasion signature of HNSCC organoids is prognostic in clinical cohorts. Invasion architecture and keratin profiles matter!
(May 2024)


Our team co-authors on this wonderful work published in J PATHOL where Gronewold et al. demonstrate restoration of junctional characteristics in metastatic ILC cells to the colon. Stromal signals at work??
(January 2024)


We have posted the line-up for next year’s GRC on ‘Signaling by Adhesion Receptors’, to be held in Manchester, NH. Alex Dunn and Maggy Parsons vice-chair this fantastic meeting. You can now APPLY ONLINE and submit your abstract!
(November 2023)

p120/Kaiso targets that control anoikis resistance in #ILC after E-cadherin loss associate with prognosis, the ILC histiotype, invasion, and slow growing cells. i.e: typical ILC!. published in the JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
(October 2023)

We co-author on work from the Roca-Cusachs lab showing that a laminin-Integrin β4-keratin link prevents nuclear deformation and YAP signals. Published in NATURE MATERIALS and sponsored by our H2020-FET consortium. (September 2023)


Patrick accepted his full professorship and gave his inaugural lecture called “A Tailored Intervention for Cancer (Research)” on the 21st of April. You can find the video here and the written format here.
(May 2023)


Ben Goult’s lab a discovered a cancer associated exon in the Talin-1 gene (TLN1). Data are now published in the JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY Thijs Koorman in the DerksenLab contributed to the cancer bits and bobs.
(March 2023)


Lilian and Sandra identified a new FER kinase substrate called SKOR1 that promotes breast cancer invasion. Results are published in the JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE, and our image is featured on the cover!
(February 2023)


Eline and Thijmen published a new mouse model for inducible skin and mammary cancer in NEOPLASIA, based on conditional knockout of E-cadherin and p53 through inducible LGR6 expression.
(November 2022) 

Eline published data in the JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY showing that R-spondin-3 is an oncogenic driver of poorly differentiated invasive breast cancer! A fruitful collaboration with the John Hilkens group @ NKI/AvL.
(November 2022) 

Them Id2 Boys Max Rätze and Thijs Koorman have figured out (well, at least in part) why ILC is a low grade disease! Work instigated by lab alumnus Robert van de Ven has culminated in a publication in ONCOGENE.
(June 2022)


Check out Sandra Tavares‘ paper in CELL REPORTS on FER kinase, its DIRECT targets, control over fast endosomal recycling, and predictive value in breast cancer.
(June 2022) 

Thijs Koorman’s LOXL3 paper is out in ONCOGENE! We show that ductal breast cancer, in contrast to ILC, use Loxl3 to spatially stiffen the ECM for collective invasion.
(March 2022)

Christgen et al. are at it again! Cover art in the JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY. E-cadherin expression as a diagnostic standard for ILC. An absolute no-brainer that should be Globally implemented!
(February 2022) 

OUT NOW! In the context of a special edition on Lobular Breast Cancer in CANCERS
(August 2021)

P-cadherin Switching in ILC is out in Modern Pathology! We co-author on this work, showing that P-cadherin is the molecular determinant of a mixed-appearing histomorphology in ILBCs with tubular elements.
(June 2020)

Support for the ELBCC-instigated oncology task forces for ILC. See the details on the ELBCC website and sign up if you want to join this at the EU COST Portal for our action (CA19138).
Follow @ELBCC on twitter using #LOBSTERPOT and #CA19138.